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The Art of Chilling Out for Women


Banish burnout, worry, and stress once and for all with these practical tips and strategies for relaxing, going beyond simple self-care to chill your mind, body, and soul.

Women are resilient leaders driven to achieve but can often feel stressed out. They are being adversely impacted by the Covid-19 “she-cession” with less and less women returning to the workforce due to the multi-faceted responsibilities they face inside and outside of their homes. And in a world where heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, they can’t afford to wait to relax.

Author Angela D. Coleman’s prescription in The Art of Chilling Out for Women teaches women the value of chilling out. Here women can learn to seek self-awareness, self-love, happiness, peace, and health. With this essential resource, women will eliminate burnout, stress, and excessive personal sacrifice with practical tips and holistic wellness, like creating cleansing spaces and sacred spots, releasing childhood trauma, establishing boundaries, increasing compassion and self-love, eliminating doubt, regulating with herbs, and listening to your physical self, and much more. This book is a must-have for any woman burdened by taking on the world.

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“In The Art of Chilling Out for Women, Angela Coleman beautifully describes relaxing as just that—an art. In a world where women are encouraged to be go-getters and career oriented, but are also still largely responsible for at-home labor such as cooking and cleaning, it’s really only a matter of time before burnout sets in. Angela speaks candidly about the need for holistic wellness for women in order to truly renew your mind, body, and spirit. Best of all, she outlines in detail 100+ simple methods to deeply relax and heal alongside specific instruction on how to incorporate gemstones, herbs, scents, and feng shui methods into your routines.”

—Leah D., Editor, on The Art of Chilling Out for Women


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