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Life After ACEs


Life After ACEs, printed in full color with journal pages, is the best self-help book for women of all ages with life lessons & experiences to recover from ACEs.

Did you know over 61% of adults have had at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) in their early childhoods?

Women usually experience more ACEs compared to men.

Needless to say, traumatic events can make or break one’s personality, ability to cope, and enjoyment of life.

Whether your ACE involves violence, abuse, mental health, or other issues; your brain needs to refocus, kick off the fear demons, and get out of the risk bubble.

How’s that possible? Through this anxiety-prevention self-help book called Life After ACEs, you can do it. It is the perfect guide for anyone suffering from the effects of ACEs.

What does this self-help book cover?

-Tips to recover from ACEs

-How to get your ACE score

-Learn to focus on overcoming your past

-Build meaningful connections with others

-Share love, positivity, and good vibes

-Break doubts & misconceptions related to sexual, social, and financial conflicts

Why do you need this book?

-Understand what ACEs are and are not

-Explore why you feel the way you do

-Discover ways to build strong relationships

-Find joy in the small victories of your life

-Gain the courage & confidence to embrace yourself

-Educate and connect with the best intellectual minds

-Understand risky sexual behavior in context

So, forget all of your dark memories of ACEs and start new & fresh with this self-help book.



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