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Girls Guide: How to Be Like Michelle Obama


Nominated for an NAACP Image Award and printed in full color with journal pages!

Girl’s Guide: How to be like Michelle Obama-one of the best self-development books for young women to read

Discover the deepest secrets to America’s first African American FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, and her ever-lasting success, fame, and happiness.

This woman’s voice will be heard, and her legacy is ever-lasting.

It’s Michelle Obama!

She is a woman of strong values, an admirable personality, and exceptional leadership qualities.

The first time I met Michelle Obama was in Washington, DC, although we both graduated from Princeton University in New Jersey.

While spending time with her and researching details for the book, I got the chance to learn about her:

-Unique qualities
-Secrets for success
-Wide vision
-Life goals
-Expansive mission
-Thoughts on marriage
-Source of immense strength, hope, and courage

That’s when I realized that her words have the tremendous power to influence, make an impact, and transform lives.

So, I decided to put her teachings, tips, secrets, and valuable life lessons into this life-changing self-improvement book for personal growth and evolution.

Consider this self-improvement book as a go-to resource for everyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and do something big.

You can make history too!

Why should you get this top-rated self-development book?

1. You NEED a clear direction in life
2. You are LACKING a mentor to guide you
3. You NEED strength, motivation, and power
4. You are TRAPPED in a box and want to get out
5. You like to READ success stories and LEARN from others

In short, this is one of the best books for self-empowerment if you want to live an admirable life, just like Michelle Obama.



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