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Girls Guide: How to Relax and Let Go


How to relax and let go… a self-help book for women of all ages that will guide you toward healing and change your life for the better.

Your ideal self-improvement book to declutter all the toxicity from your life.  Unlock happiness, positivity, and an open mind to start living your dream.

Do you feel like taking a break from everything you’re doing right now?

Think of those back-to-back deadlines, your over-controlling boss, and the toxic relationship you’ve been trying to get rid of for a long time…

And grab this self-discovery book- it’s time to take a break.

No matter your color, race, or religion, this self-help book is for everyone who wants to stop the negative cycle and say goodbye to all the stress that costs you your mental health and inner peace.

What this life-changing self-help book for young adults is all about

1. Treat life as a blessing rather than a burden
2. Stretch your legs on the beach and let the waves wash away all your worries
3. Learn to forgive and forget to make new beginnings
4. Stop regretting your mistakes
5. Invest in your peace, happiness, and emotional well-being

Why do you need this influential self-help book for women?

1. You’re STRESSED about too many things
2. You’re too AFRAID to take a break
3. You don’t know how to say NO
4. You SUCK at taking time for yourself
5. You’re going with the flow and lack PURPOSE in your life

In short, this is the best self-help book of all time to relax and let go of every exhaustive activity that makes you feel tired.

It’s time to replace all the negative energy with your positive power to feel empowered, healthy, and mentally at peace.



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