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Girls Guide: How to Be Green


Ever wondered how many people carelessly toss plastic waste on the ground?

Or use a non-eco-friendly product, only to let it pollute the environment a little every day?

Earth is dying.

Climate changes are getting worst.

Global warming is at an extreme.

Many species, including ours, are in danger.

And all of this indicates only one thing – humans are killing the earth.

One day at a time.

Girls Guide:  How To Be Green is an eye-opening sustainability book for every girl who is enthusiastic about protecting the environment to save the world.  This full-color guide is informative and has journal pages to write down your earth-friendly ideas.

From ditching plastic products to planting more trees, this eco-friendly book has all the ways to pay back the earth and help her sustain herself.

What does this book cover?

-25+ ways to save Earth

-Reliable plastic alternatives

-Worldwide-recognized tips for conserving water

-Unique ways to show your love for the earth

-3 tried & tested R’s to turn eco-friendly

-Simplest ways to adopt eco-friendly habits

-How to be green, admire beauty, and find alternative solutions

-Ideas to create an eco-friendly home

Why is this book for you?

You are conscious of your environment.

You want to save Mother Earth.

You care for endangered species.

You buy sustainable products.

You want to protect natural resources.

You speak up for environmental causes.

You need climate change protections.

You feel bad about what is happening to the planet.

With this Girl’s Guide book, living a green life no longer sounds like a fantasy.

It’s time to contribute!  Do your part in making the earth a better place for all species.

Go now and grab this eco-friendly book today to learn to be green and build sustainability into your life.


Photo credit:  Caique Silva, Unsplash

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