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Girls Guide: How to Be Green


ll girls can be green! 

Climate change, global warming, extreme weather events…  We can and should do more to live in harmony with the planet, just like our ancestors used to do. Learn how to be cultural, beautiful, healthy, productive, and thrifty-with an eco-chic vibe.

Specific chapters focus on Mother Earth, the basic fours of green living, eco-ways to build, eco-friendly habits, green beauty and hygiene, and how we can all be guardians of the planet. From recycling and reusing, walking to work, selecting beauty products, building an eco-friendly house, changing the way we see “disposable” products, and growing your own food, this guide has it all.

In total, there are more than fifty detailed, concrete paths to green living included in this relevant Girls Guide to living with sustainability.


Photo credit:  Caique Silva, Unsplash

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