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345 Activities of SisterCamp


Self-Development Book to Build Confidence, Boost Self-Esteem and Personal Success in Girls

Unleash the power of sisterhood and self-discovery with 345 Activities of SisterCamp in this self-development book with hundreds of engaging and effective summer enrichment program activities. This comprehensive activity book is designed to empower girls ages 4-15 through fun, learning, and self-development.

With a focus on sisterhood, affirmations, life skills, self-development, field trips, and arts & crafts, this program offers an exciting summer experience for every girl, no matter where you are.

Get an inside view of this popular program with the included sample calendar of activities that will positively enhance the way our girls grow up and navigate the world.

What Does This Thought-Provoking Self-Development Book About SisterCamp Provide?

  • Sisterhood-building exercises and activities
  • Affirmation and self-love workshops
  • Life skills training such as budgeting, time management, and goal setting
  • Athletic activities such as yoga, fitness classes, and team sports
  • Self-esteem-building exercises and workshops
  • Technology workshops on coding, graphic design, and photography
  • Arts & crafts sessions to express creativity and individuality
  • Drama and public speaking workshops to build confidence
  • Mentorship opportunities with successful women in various fields
  • Networking and community-building activities
  • Team-building exercises and problem-solving activities
  • Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and survival skills training.

Join the Sisterhood Agenda movement and take the first step toward women’s empowerment to mentor, teach, and support the girls in your life with 345 Activities of SisterCamp.

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