About Me

My parents named me Angela and my African name is Ibiyinka.

I am a holistic entrepreneur, creator, and author.

I was doing holistic health and healing before it had a name, based on the traditional practices of my Ancestors.

I am difficult to define by one word.  I actively avoid labels and stereotypes.

Yes, I have the credentials and experience, but I bet you really want to know what makes me unique.  I am a whole person:

Extraordinarily distinct

Loving myself (and always still learning what that means for me), I am infused with Goddess, Culture, Spirit, and a bit of common sense ♥.

My past does not define me.  It guides me towards who I am becoming.

I strive to be of service to others by offering holistic, sustainable solutions for multi-dimensional beings to connect and thrive.

I want us all to experience freedom, to feel the beauty and richness of what life can be.  Are you ready to experience it with me?

Rituals for Feminine Power



Thank you to my teachers and guides who taught me how to take care of and empower myself, attract loving and healthy relationships, embrace who and what I am, and establish clear boundaries.


Photo credit:  Kevin Gregg