Angela has been researching and implementing sisterhood and women’s empowerment strategies since she her earlier years as a college student and Big Sister at Princeton University.  She targets women and girls who are most vulnerable because she understands firsthand the impact that marginalization, stigmatization and stereotypes, lack of self-love and low self-esteem can have on the well-being and success trajectory of her sisters, particularly young girls.  Angela believes:

“Increasing consciousness and having access to critical resources are key to empowerment.
For women and girls, sisterhood must be the foundation of any empowerment movement.”
Angela D. Coleman

Angela’s efforts increase consciousness and sisterhood mentoring while promoting health, healing, critical thinking, and positive media.

Nonprofit Initiative

In 1994, Angela founded Sisterhood Agenda, Inc. to uplift and aid in the self-development of women and girls by promoting sisterhood, self-knowledge, self-development, and self-esteem.   The mission of Sisterhood Agenda is achieved locally and globally using direct service, blogs, training webinars, social media, books, products, and other resource-sharing strategies.

Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC

Angela has been running Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC since its launch in 1998.  A sister company for the nonprofit agency, this company is responsible for generating revenues through educational initiatives such as product sales, speaking engagements, and consulting.

Product Development

Angela’s publications include curricula, activity guides, and other teaching tools that educate, motivate, and inspire women and girls.  Parents, educators, and girls use these educational materials to promote self-development and positive self-concept.

Angela also creates all-natural aromatherapy products such as Angela’s Incense sticks made with locally harvested coconut, honey, and cinnamon from the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Inspired by the ocean, each scent, Virgin Islands Sparkle, Virgin Islands Honeysuckle, and Virgin Islands Frankincense are designed to promote positive energy, attraction, and cleansing.

One hundred percent of the sale of Sisterhood Agenda t-shirts goes to Sisterhood Agenda, Inc., the nonprofit, charitable, tax-exempt organization.

Global Sisterhood Movement

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