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The Importance of Sisterly Advice

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There are times when you simply need your sister’s good advice.  Supportive, loving, kind, honest, and real, we all need someone to have our backs and share their wisdom with us.  When and why did we stop asking for help?

Don’t just get any advice:  get good advice from your sisters.

Of course, not all of us have biological sisters.  However, we know that our sisterhood is more than biological.  Your sisters are your friends, tribe, team, and army all rolled into one.  They fight for you like no one else and they are on your side.

Confiding in a trusted person who cares about you is an important part of your personal growth.  Reach out!

Call Sisterhood Agenda Advice Line

Sisterhood Agenda Advice Line

Sisterly advice includes questions about growing pains, womanhood, sex, relationships, love, goal-setting, marriage, family, spiritual matters, finances, business, healing, weight loss, money, work, self-definition, self-esteem, etiquette, cultural awareness, and  more. They are all very important.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask a question and get advice.  Good advice helps you emotionally and is good for your mental health.  Perhaps more important than that, it connects you to your sisters and can immediately change your life for the better.

Everyone in the United States is able to access to Sisterhood Agenda’s Advice Line service.  We hope to expand it to other areas as we access the need. The Advice Line is staffed by a team of knowledgeable women who can relate to life’s challenges.  You can contact the advice line for support at any time. Immediate appointments are usually available and you don’t have to get up and go anywhere- you can call or message from the comfort of your home or other private space.

Being positive with a healthy mental outlook and maintaining good self-esteem takes work.  Sometimes, things happen or someone says something that makes us want to talk it out. Many women and girls need confidential advice, yet do not have health insurance or funds for therapy sessions.

Our girls need us to share what we know with them.  Even the most experienced and successful adult women who help others for a living can benefit from another women’s sisterly perspective.

You do not need to be in a state of despair.  Pay attention and you will know when it’s time to get good advice.  Don’t wait too late!

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